Matthew See = Chester from The Flash

The Flash 7.13 Masquerade has Chester being unsure about his value with Team Flash as he was still relatively a newcomer to it.
Iris however says that Chester is a fully fledged member of Team Flash and deserved to have his voice in it and he should use that voice.
In contrast I am not a newcomer to Spocksoc, having been a Spocksocker since 2002 but my voice has not been treated with any value.
Instead it got treated with contempt especially I made suggestions that I thought was helpful and all because it already been thought of before which came out of conversations that I was not involved in.
I am a fully-fledged Spocksocker and I deserve to exercise my voice within Spocksoc and not be dismissed by people with hubris and arrogance.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

Doctor Who: Whispers In The Woods

Whispers in the Woods is the second episode of the first season of the Doctor Who FanFilm series starring Luke Newman as the Doctor and Chloe Naughton as companion Jess.
An intriguing adventure as this has the TARDIS bringing the Doctor and Jess to an apparently haunted forest
Fascinating the menace they encountered here.
Jess was definitely sharp in figuring that the Doctor (from his perspective) had left her at the forest at one point for a significant period of time.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

Doctor Who = Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow 6.6 Bishop’s Gambit ends in a cliffhanger with the revelation that Sara is dead and on a slab.
This meant that the Sara that was seen throughout this episode is instead a clone with the clone thinking that she was the real Sara.
Bishop’s Gambit is Legends of Tomorrow 6.6 and the said cliffhanger is similar in manner to NuWho’s own 6.6 The Almost People just over ten years before which revealed that Amy seen mainly in this episode is a Ganger (clone).
Not only that but the Doctor Who episode had future Rip Hunter, Arthur Darvill as Rory.
Darvill however isn’t in Bishop’s Gambit as he left Legends of Tomorrow, having been last seen in season 3.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

Resident Alien & The Mitchells Vs The Machines on Spocksoc

Informed in the weekly announcement by Tyler Davies that this week’s Spocksoc screening on Friday June 18 is Resident Alien.

I wonder if Mr Davies is aware that Resident Alien is currently available for free on 9Now for anyone to watch at anytime.

Also Mr Davies announced that later on today Spocksoc will be showing the animated movie The Mitchells Vs The Machines.

This is a movie that I had considered seeing for sometime and because of this announcement I have now started watching it.

So thanks to Mr Davies for prompting this along for me.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

How well do you know the Doctor Who episode Blink?

Got all questions right although it was a lucky guess about how many times the Doctor said the word blink.

“You’re a Weeping Angel expert!
You scored 8 out of 8
You’re ready to take on the deadly lonely assassins… why not face them again in the mobile game The Lonely Assassins ? Or take another quiz and test your Doctor Who knowledge!”

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President