David Tennant and Cush Jumbo in Deadwater Fell

Recently started Deadwater Fell starring David Tennant and Cush Jumbo.

Jumbo had played Lois Habiba in Torchwood: Children of Earth, a character that Russell T. Davies came up with when Freema Agyeman was unable to turn up here as Martha.

With Deadwater Fell, Jumbo teamed up with Tennant (the Doctor that Martha travelled with).

Also in Deadwater Fell are Matthew McNulty, Anna Maadeley, Maureen Beattie (who had worked with Tennant in Cold Vengeance from Big Finish) and Ron Donachie (who had worked with Tennant in Tooth and Claw).

Matthew See

Spocksoc Vice President

Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 1: The Satanic Mill

Finale of Doom Coalition 1.

Debut by writer Edward Collier in this his only Big Finish contribution.

Fascinating concept with the said Satanic Mill in which workers are born for one day to work on the mill before being disposed of.

For them there is literally no yesterday nor tomorrow.

Certainly it makes that saying of living today as it is your last going a bit too far.

While the concept of the Satanic Mill was interesting to explore, I am not sure as the final part of Doom Coalition 1 it connects convincingly well with the Eleven.

Probably would have been better if this had been flesh out as a standalone story rather than as part of the Doom Coalition arc.

Matthew See

Spocksoc Vice President

Doctor Who = Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow 5.5 Mortal Khanbat has the Legends going to 1997 Hong Kong.

This episode came on February 25 2020.

Fellow time travel series Doctor Who had coincidentally visited Hong Kong briefly in Praxeus just 23 days earlier on February 2 but in a more contemporary setting.

Mortal Khanbat is not only a play on Mortal Kombat but also a reference here of Genghis Khan.

In Doctor Who, the Doctor had been Genghis Khan that is if you believe in a lie told to Chang Lee by the Master.

Constantine mentioned about meeting the ghost of Winston Churchill. As this is an episode of season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow, Churchill, in a physical sense, was in three episodes of NuWho’s own season 5.

Matthew See

Spocksoc Vice President

Olivia Colman finally meets Winston Churchill

The Crown season 3 opener Olding marked Olivia Colman’s debut as Queen Elizabeth II and briefly had her meet with Winston Churchill (John Lithgow).

Colman had played Mother in Matt Smith’s debut as the Doctor, The Eleventh Hour and narrowly missed Churchill when he was played by Ian McNeice as he first appeared as him at the end of the next episode The Beast Below before his full appearance in the following episode Victory of the Daleks.

Colman’s debut in The Crown also saw her narrowly missed having a reunion with Smith as he had played Prince Philip in the previous two seasons which also meant that Smith and Colman narrowly missed becoming a couple.

Playing Prince Philip in season 3 instead is Tobias Menzies and he too worked with Smith in Doctor Who, in Menzies’ case, in Cold War.

Matthew See

Spocksoc Vice President

Torchwood: Outbreak: Stage Two Prodromal: Love

This has Norton Folgate turning and what a friction he caused between Jack and Ianto.

Rather intriguingly the premise of love explored in this episode becomes very deadly as Jack due to a certain influence attempts to kill Ianto.

Quite fascinating and horrifying Norton’s explanation about the patients especially the antidote for them.

Norton said that Jack looked like Boris Karloff. Coincidentally recent to this I had finished the Thriller (1960-62) TV series hosted by Boris Karloff.

Elsewhere it was funny when Rhys deliberately caused a panic with his fellow drivers including not so subtlety asked them if they know what a dirty bomb is!

Matthew See

Spocksoc Vice President