John Rolfe has passed away

John Rolfe has passed away.
Rolfe appeared in Doctor Who in The War Machines playing Captain, The Moonbase playing Sam Becket and in The Green Death playing Ralph Fell.
He was also in Blake’s 7 in Project Avalon playing Terloc and in The Sweeney in Drag Act playing Det. Chief Supt. Brookford.
His other work includes Adam Adamant Lives!, Out of the Unknown, Survivors, Return of the Saint, The House of Eliott, Mr Bean & Poirot.
He died on August 12 2020.

Matthew See
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Doctor Who: Mirror Mirror 1: Monsters of the Sphere Part 2

Enjoyable conclusion to the Monsters of the Sphere with the Mimic being dealt with.
Shouldn’t have been surprised by a certain request the Doctor makes at the end and all because of a decision made by K9.

Matthew See
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Doctor Who: Dawn of the Doctor

Dawn of the Doctor is the first episode of the Doctor Who FanFilm series.
Starring Luke Newman as the Doctor, one that just got regenerated at the start of this.
He soon meets his new companion Jessica Whitehouse (Chloe Naughton).
Pretty good start for this new Doctor and having Jessica as companion.
This plus the fact that the new Doctor has a familiar foe for this his first adventure that of the Cybermen.
Pretty enjoyable.

Matthew See
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Doctor Who: Curse of the Black Spot tenth anniversary

May 7 2021 marks ten years since the original broadcast of The Curse of the Black Spot.
It is the first Doctor Who episode to be written by Steve Thompson.
Thompson later wrote Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and then co-wrote Time Heist with showrunner Steven Moffat.
Thompson’s work outside of Doctor Who included being the only person to write on the BBC Sherlock series other than Sherlock creators Moffat and Mark Gatiss.
The Curse of the Black Spot is a pirate episode and guest stars Hugh Bonneville as real-life pirate Captain Henry Avery.
At this time Bonneville had become well known as Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey which had made its debut almost eight months earlier on September 26 2010.
When Thompson wrote The Curse of the Black Spot, he was unaware of the 1966 serial The Smugglers which had dealt with the search for Avery’s gold.
The Curse of the Black Spot therefore unintentionally became the prequel/sequel to The Smugglers.
There is a couple of interesting curios with the casting of the pirates under Avery’s command that of Lee Ross as The Boatswain and Michael Begley as Mulligan..
Ross is long known to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat as he had played Kenny Phillips in Press Gang (1989-93) written by Moffat.
Begley later returned to Doctor Who playing All Ears Allan in Fugitive of the Judoon.
The Curse of the Black Spot is set on Avery’s ship the Fancy as Avery and his crew are under attack by a creature The Siren (Lily Cole) based on The Sirens mythology.
The Black Spot is what someone gets when he or she gets injured and then is apparently gets disintegrated by the Siren.
The TARDIS soon brought the Doctor, Amy and Rory on the Fancy as they meet Avery and his crew and in the midst of an attack by the Siren.
To compound problems for Avery he soon finds a stowaway and it is his own son Toby.
Toby had sneaked onboard to be with his father after the death of Toby’s mother and Henry’s wife.
A little later on and with his father not present, Toby is shattered when the Boatswain told Toby that his (Toby) father isn’t a man of the Navy like he believes his father to be but instead a pirate.
During a respite, Amy was sleeping when she again sees the eye patch woman from the previous episode Day of the Moon.
Like Day of the Moon, the eye-patch woman’s appearance in The Curse of the Black Spot is very brief and her identity isn’t revealed here.
The viewers at this point still did not know who this woman is.
The Siren ultimately takes people on the Fancy including Toby and Rory.
This then leaves only the Doctor, Amy and Avery.
At this point the Doctor now believes the Siren hasn’t killed anyone but instead took them somewhere.
The Doctor, Amy and Avery then deliberately inflict injuries on themselves to get the black spot and leading them to be taken by the Siren.
They then find themselves on an alien spaceship.
They found the crew of this spaceship dead but found the others who had been on the Fancy in the sickbay.
Prior to this point, the Doctor came up with theories about the Siren which turned out to be wrong!
However at the sickbay he finally gets it right as he reveals the Siren is the ship’s virtual doctor and she is an interface that is made to look like the Siren.
The Siren therefore brought those with the black spot on the ship to heal them.
Rory is released from the sickbay to accompany the Doctor and Amy back in the TARDIS.
As for the others Toby was brought onboard by the Siren as he has typhoid fever.
If he returns to Earth without the ship’s medical care he will die.
Avery, along with his crew, stays with Toby on the alien ship.
Avery and Toby briefly returns four episodes later A Good Man Goes to War as part of the Doctor’s army.
Avery not returning to Earth reflects real history as the real Avery had disappeared in 1696. It is not known when and the circumstances of how he died.
In this episode my beloved Karen Gillan as Amy got to be a pirate.
In the final scene, Amy said that she thought she was an excellent pirate.
Unfortunately the Hollywood types didn’t think so about Karen being a pirate.
Not long before The Curse of the Black Spot’s ninth anniversary last year 2020, Karen was reported to be returning to pirate territory as she was being considered for the lead role for an all female Pirate of the Caribbean reboot.
However that role ultimately went to Margot Robbie.
In the corresponding Confidential episode to The Curse of the Black Spot, Ship Ahoy! which came after the main episode.
In Ship Ahoy!, Arthur Darvill and Steven Moffat says that since this is a pirates episode it has elements that is associated with pirates. However as Darvill pointed out it did not have a parrot!
Ship Ahoy! also has Karen saying about having an out of body experience and this is in reference to the work done by her stunt double!

Matthew See

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Doctor Who: Persuasion

Persuasion is an audio story from Big Finish.
Featuring the Seventh Doctor and it is the first in a trilogy which saw the return of Elizabeth Klein and introducing Christian Edwards as new companion Will Arrowsmith.
Written by Jonathan Barnes and released in July 2013.
Overall an enjoyable story in which the Doctor, Klein and Will are in the last days of Hitler’s machine as they come across the villains The Shepherds and the Shepherdess with Miranda Raison mesmerizing as the latter and the persuasion machine.
Will sure made an awkward debut as the companion.
With this story named Persuasion, I was reading at the same time DWM’s Fact of Fiction on Four To Doomsday which coincidentally has a character named Persuasion.

Matthew See
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Torchwood: Drive

Drive is the penultimate episode of the sixth Torchwood Big Finish season.
Starring Naoko Mori as Tosh
Written by David Llewellyn.
This episode is notable for providing the Big Finish producing debut by Emily Cook, the creator of the Doctor Who: Lockdown event.
Drive refers to the taxi that Tosh takes and employs the help of its taxi driver Fawzia.
Fawzia is played by Suzanne Packer and I could not believe Fawzia was played by the same person who played General Eve Cicero in The Tsuranga Conundrum in the Doctor Who episodes as her two characters are nothing alike.
With Fawzia’s help, Tosh tracks down someone for his unsafe use of a teleporter.
This is an enthralling adventure and Tosh and Fawzia makes for a good team.
In fact it is this team up between Tosh and Fawzia is the main reason for my enjoyment of this story before it reaches its resolution.
Fawzia also makes a couple of jokes to Tosh which I am not sure was that funny.
A very good episode and definitely a very good vehicle (pun may or may not have been intended) for Emily Cook’s Big Finish producing debut.

Matthew See
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