Anneke Wills, Angela Douglas and Ray Brooks in Some People

Saw Anneke Wills in the movie Some People (1962) although she credited here as Annika Wills.
Also featuring Angela Douglas (later to become the Brigadier’s wife Doris in Battlefield) and Ray Brooks.
Just as Anneke was first a companion to the First Doctor William Hartnell, Brooks played David in Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD, the movie remake of the First Doctor story Dalek Invasion of Earth.
The music for Some People was by Ron Grainer.

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Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan and Bill Mumy in Space Command

Came across Space Command a crowd funded series featuring Babylon 5 luminaries Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Fulan and Bill Mumy.
Space Command is created by Marc Scott Zicree who describe it as Star Trek meets Babylon 5 and he would know as he had worked on both universes.

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Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2: Beachhead

Beachhead is the first episode of Doom Coalition 2 from Big Finish.
Written by Nick Briggs.
The Doctor takes Liv and Helen on a holiday and this sees them arriving in 2017 Stegmoor.
As indicated in the episode title this features a beach where an alien, as it turns out a Voord, is found.
The Voord, Scout-Ship Commander Ishtek intends for a beachhead to set a Voord invasion.
This comes as one of the local residents Phillipa Gregson has a history with the Doctor.
This relates to an untold story with the Third Doctor, Liz and UNIT the aftermath of which resulted in the early death of Mrs Gregson’s husband.
Even with a different face in the Eighth Doctor, Phillipa Gregson isn’t pleased with the Doctor being back here after all this time.
Overall an enjoyable way to start Doom Coalition 2 with the Doctor having to fend off a Voord invasion and Mrs Gregson’s hostile feelings towards him.
Ishtek revealed that her homeworld has been destroyed even though the Doctor says that the Voord homeworld isn’t destroyed in this timeline, a mystery that is yet to be answered.

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Harry Fielder has passed away

Harry Fielder has passed away.
Born on April 26 1940, Fielder known by his nickname Aitch was an extra in a number of Doctor Who stories.
Fielder was credited for two stories The Seeds of Doom & The Armageddon Factor in which he played Guard in both.
He would have been credited for the character of Krarg for Shada but his scenes were never recorded due to a strike leading Shada to be abandoned before it could be completed.
He had uncredited roles for the following stories:
The Enemy of the World – Central European Guard
The Wheel in Space – Wheel Crewmember
Planet of the Spiders – Guard
Revenge of the Cybermen – Vogan
The Deadly Assassin – Guard
The Face of Evil – Second Assassin
The Invisible Enemy – Titan Base Crewman
The Ribos Operation – Levithian Guard
Meglos – Tigellan
Castrovalva – Security Guard
He also been in Blake’s 7, Quatermass and the Pit, The Sweeney & Eastenders.
In Blake’s 7 he was in the following episodes all uncredited:
Space Fall (1978) … Armed Crewman
Cygnus Alpha (1978) … Armed Crewman
Deliverance (1978) … Scavenger
Weapon (1979) … Federation Trooper
Trial (1979) … Federation Trooper
Voice from the Past (1979) … Federation Trooper / Rebel
Children of Auron (1980) … Federation Trooper
Games (1981) … Federation Trooper
Warlord (1981) … Federation Trooper
Blake (1981) … Federation Trooper
His appearance in Space Fall & Cygnus Alpha would later be incorporated in the first compilation video The Beginning.
In Quatermass and the Pit he played Possessed Man.
In The Sweeney he appeared in Contact Breaker playing Bank Robber, Trap playing Pub Patron, Bad Apple playing Shopkeeper and in the two tie-in movies in Sweeney! playing Wages Security Guard and Sweeney 2 playing Cop In Hotel Bar.
In EastEnders he played Stallholder, Gorillagram and Cafe Customer.
His other work included A Challenge For Robin Hood, Carry On…Follow That Camel, Man In A Suitcase, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Avengers, The Vengeance of She, Attack On The Iron Coast, Oliver!, The Saint, Carry On …Up The Khyber, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Champions, Where Eagles Dare, The Assassination Bureau, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Battle of Britain, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Anne of the Thousand Days, Cromwell, Carry On Henry VIII, Twins of Evil, Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Fiddler On The Roof, The Persuaders!, Frenzy, Carry On Abroad,
Moonbase 3, The Protectors, Carry On Dick, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, The Seven Per Cent Solution, I,Claudius, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Voyage of the Damned (not the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special), The Eagle Has Landed, Survivors, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Duchess of Duke Street, Space: 1999, Force Ten From Navarone, The Thirty Nine Steps, Superman, Agatha, Fawlty Towers, The Bitch, The Professionals, Superman II, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, An American Werewolf In London, The Agatha Christie Hour, Partners In Crime, Dempsey and Makepeace, The Tripods, Thirteen at Dinner, Edge of Darkness, Dead Man’s Folly, Highlander, First Knight, Loch Ness, Mission: Impossible, 101 Dalmatians, Evita, Fairytale: A True Story, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Diana & Me & Entrapment,
He died on February 6 2021, less than three months before his 81st birthday.

Matthew See
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Managing Challenging Behaviour Sample and a lesson for my fellow Spocksockers

Managing Challenging Behaviour Sample with Jacqueline Pearce, Sophie Aldred and Nicholas Courtney:

As Sophie says violence can be either in physical or emotional form as both delivers hurtful effects.
Unfortunately despite being the Vice President, emotional violence has been inflicted towards me by my fellow Spocksockers.
Definitely should not be tolerated. It is as simple as that.

Matthew See
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Torchwood: Miracle Day: Dead of Night tenth anniversary

July 22 2021 marks ten years since the world debut of Dead of Night, the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day in the US.
Second of four episodes directed by Billy Gierhart.
Dead of Night featured a brief appearance by George Murdock playing Preacher.
With this episode Murdock joined a group of actors who has appeared in the Doctor Who and Star Trek universes.
In Star Trek, he appeared in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and the TNG two-parter The Best of Both Worlds.
Other sci fi credits includes The Six Million Dollar Man, the original Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files and Smallville.
More recently I saw him in a recurring role on It Takes A Thief from between 1969 and 1970.
Sadly just over nine months after his brief Torchwood stint, Murdock died on April 30 2012.
While still on the subject of people who had worked on the Doctor Who and Star Trek universes, Dead of Night is the first Torchwood TV episode written by Jane Espenson who is also a co-executive producer of Miracle Day.
As well as writing on Miracle Day, Espenson also co-wrote the motion comic style serial Web of Lies which complements Miracle Day.
Espenson had written a Star Trek episode that of the DS9 episode Accession.
Espenson is known for her work for another universe that of the Buffyverse having written episodes of Buffy and Angel.
Another work she is notable for is the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
At the time of Dead of Night, Warehouse 13 had just began its third season and Warehouse 13 is a series co-created by Espenson and it is a series that is not unlike Torchwood.
Dead of Night features a warehouse and the presence of this warehouse is perhaps Espenson making a sly reference to Warehouse 13 since Jack, Gwen and Rex seeing the bigger inside of the warehouse is similar in presentation to how the two main characters of Warehouse 13 saw that titular warehouse for the first time.
With this warehouse, Jack makes a reference to the TARDIS when he says the warehouse was bigger on the inside than the outside.
With Rex and Esther having just joined Torchwood, it is revealed that Esther has a problematic sister. The sister will turn up later on in the season.
In the previous episode Rendition we learn a pharmaceutical company called PhiCorp which Jilly works for.
In Dead of Night the warehouse contains painkillers produced by PhiCorp and the warehouse has stockpiles of it proving that they knew the Miracle was coming.
During the said night Rex and then Jack went off on their own, leaving just the girls Gwen and Esther together.
Quite lovely seeing just these two girls together without the boys.
Meanwhile Oswald steps out of the motel he was staying in but encounters trouble with people recognising him from TV.
Oswald gets saved from them when he ran into a couple of cops. The cops then granted Oswald’s request to take him to the motel.
However before reaching the motel, they stopped by somewhere as the cops got Oswald out of their car to beat him up!
The cops resume their journey to Oswald’s motel as they literally threw him out of the car..
As Oswald lies on the ground by the motel he is met there by Jilly who again offered her services and this time he accepts.
Despite the name of the episode not all of it is set at night as it then reaches the following daytime.
This day has Torchwood infiltrating PhiCorp with Gwen going there with use of the Torchwood contact lenses (making their appearance for the third season in a row).
Gwen got into PhiCorp when Vera opened the door for her. Vera was actually expecting Rex instead.
Gwen’s infiltration of PhiCorp, a medical institution is similar to Martha’s infiltration of another medical institution the Pharm in Reset.
At PhiCorp, Gwen gets into Jilly’s office and with the use of a USB, gets information out of Jilly’s computer before eventually getting out with the USB.
Vera was at PhiCorp for a meeting with Jilly but instead turns out to be for a presentation with a packed audience.
At this presentation is a video from a congressman announcing that he will introduce legislation to make access to drugs available without a prescription.
Observing this from their hideout, Rex says that free access to drugs would make PhiCorp richer by a thousandfold.
Elsewhere at PhiCorp. Oswald was there for a meeting and afterwards he meets Jack for the first time, Jack having broken into the room that they were in.
Jack tells Oswald having seen him on TV, Jack knows that Oswald isn’t sorry for the murder he has committed.
This exchange ended when Oswald called in some boys. From the earlier meeting Oswald had with PhiCorp they given Oswald some men for his protection.
Oswald walks out of the room, as the boys roughed Jack up and threw him out of PhiCorp.
In Dead of Night, Espenson included the Soulless, a cult that resulted from the Miracle and they wear disturbed looking masks.
Espenson would bring the Soulless back two episodes later The Categories of Life as well as Web of Lies.

Matthew See

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Torchwood: First Born tenth anniversary

July 21 2021 marked ten years since the release of First Born, a Torchwood novel that served as a prequel to Miracle Day and Miracle Day was on television at the time.
Written by James Goss.
This features Gwen and Rhys as well as their baby daughter Anwen.
Goss structured this book as chapters told from perspectives of the characters in this story including Gwen and Rhys.
With Gwen and Rhys the only familiar Torchwood characters carrying this story, Goss demonstrated his understanding of their marriage in the aftermath of Children of Earth.
Goss sets First Born in a small village called Rawbone.
Goss has the children of Rawbone as a key plot point no doubt meant to echo of the theme of children in Children of Earth.

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Hitler appears in NuWho season 6 and mentioned in Legends of Tomorrow’s own season 6

Legends of Tomorrow 6.10 has a visit to 1935 Spain
1935 Spain was when Francisco Franco was its ruler and Hitler gets a mention here due to Franco being friendly with him.
As this is an episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 6, NuWho’s own season 6 has Let’s Kill Hitler, almost ten years ago.
However Bad Blood narrowly missed having the same season 6 episode placing because whereas Bad Blood is Legends of Tomorrow 6.10, Let’s Kill Hitler is NuWho’s 6.8.

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