P.R.O.B.E.: Shadows of Doubt


In 2020 P.R.O.B.E. got revived starting with this webcast Shadows of Doubt.
This has P.R.O.B.E. creator Bill Baggs reprising Giles whom he had first played in the previous P.R.O.B.E. story When To Die back in 2015.
Giles is now director of P.R.O.B.E.
This marks the first P.R.O.B.E. story not to feature Liz Shaw.
Running for three minutes this is passable as Giles talks about his fears and doubts as he undergoes his tasks as P.R.O.B.E. director.

Matthew See
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How well do you know Doctor Who Series 42?

How well do you know Series 42?:

I got everything right:
“Making the fam proud!
You scored 10 out of 10
Congratulations! You’re ready to climb aboard with the Doctor and team TARDIS.”

Also got a meme of the Doctor saying “Total Genius” from Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror.

The questions on Praxeus and Can You Hear Me? could have stumped me but luckily with the former, I know that Adam and Jake didn’t die and with the latter it was about knowing the spelling of the name of the villain.

Getting all of it right was helped by me having rewatches of these episode although I didn’t rewatch them on the anniversary of their broadcast.

Matthew See
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Doctor Who: Matter and Death


Written by Matt Jordan.

This is the ninth of twelve prose stories to tie-in with the Turn Left rewatch.

This is about Jack after he got taken by the Sontarans as revealed by Rose to Donna in Donna’s World.

It details about Jack as the Sontarans’ prisoner.

With Jack’s ability to always come back to life, Jack is able to handle whatever the Sontarans throw at him. Or can he?

Interesting expansion of Rose’s said revelation in Turn Left but culminating in a sad ending.

Matthew See
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Peter Craze has passed away

Peter Craze has passed away.
Born on August 27 1946, Craze appeared in three Doctor Who stories.
His first two was in the William Hartnell story The Space Museum playing Dako and then in Patrick Troughton’s swansong The War Games playing Du Pont.
Craze is the younger brother of Michael Craze who had played companion Ben Jackson to both Hartnell and Troughton.
However Peter didn’t get to work with Michael in Doctor Who as The Space Museum came a little over a year before Michael’s first appearance alongside Hartnell in The War Machines and by the time of The War Games, Michael had long left the series.
Peter made one more appearance in Doctor Who just over a decade after The War Games, in the Tom Baker story Nightmare of Eden playing Costa.
Peter Craze was also in the Blake’s 7 episodes Seek-Locate-Destroy playing Prell and in Sand playing Servalan’s Assistant and in Eastenders playing Larry.
His other work included Strange Report & The Professionals.
He died on December 30 2020 at the age of 74.

Matthew See
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Gotham ran for five seasons between September 22 2014 and April 25 2019.
A series that is based on works of Batman with this being a prequel series and developed by Bruno Heller.
Starring Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon. A cop here but long before he became Commissioner
Bruce Wayne is featured here but as a young boy and played by David Mazouz.
Mazouz does however get to be Batman in the final episode ironically named The Beginning…
There is also Sean Pertwee as Bruce’s loyal butler Alfred.
Over the course of its five seasons, Gotham presents the problems this city has including seeing familiar villains as their younger versions.
Essentially Gotham plays out like any other police procedural series I have seen only it puts a Batman world slant into it.
The said finale The Beginning… presents a neat way to finish off the series by having a time jump and seeing Bruce becoming Batman.
The series ends just as Bruce is starting out as Batman and what happens next is anyone’s imagination.
Although not related to Gotham, the makers of Gotham then made Pennyworth which details Alfred’s life before he became the Wayne family’s butler and Pennyworth is Alfred’s surname and now currently in its second season and this Alfred played by Jack Bannon.

Matthew See
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Morgan Edge = Jennifer Thurgate

Superman & Lois 1.2 Heritage marked the series debut by Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge, the series villain.
I immediately sensed the quality of Morgan Edge’s character matches that of Deputy President pro tempore Jennifer Thurgate’s.
I sensed Edge has the kind of arrogance that Thurgate possesses.
The appalling aspect of Thurgate’s character is that when she mortally wounds someone metaphorically she has no trouble to ask for this person a favour sometime afterwards like she did nothing wrong to this person at all.
If this isn’t arrogance then I don’t know what is.\

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

Philip Martin has passed away

Philip Martin has passed away.
Born on July 3 1938, Martin wrote for Doctor Who starting with the Sixth Doctor story Vengeance on Varos in which he introduced Sil.
Martin next wrote Mindwarp, the second segment of The Trial of a Time Lord also with the Sixth Doctor bringing back Sil.
Prior to Mindwarp being part of The Trial of a Time Lord, the broadcast season 23, Martin was a writer on the original season 23 which didn’t make it into production.
His story for this lost season is Mission to Magnus and that too had Sil and Mission to Magnus would eventually be adapted by Big Finish.
Martin also brought Sil back for another encounter with the Sixth Doctor in the Big Finish story Antidote to Oblivion.
Martin then spun-off Sil to his own one-off video drama Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor.
Martin also wrote for the Sixth Doctor with the Find Your Fate book Invasion of the Ormazoids.
Martin wrote for one other Doctor, the Eighth in the canonical and Big Finish produced story The Creed of the Kromon.
The Creed of the Kromon & Invasion of the Ormazoids are his only Doctor Who stories not to feature Sil.
Outside of the Whoniverse, Martin created and written Gangsters (1976-78).
Other work included Star Cops.
He died on December 13 2020 at the age of 82.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President