Doctor Who: The Gods of Winter

The Gods of Winter is an exclusive-to-audio story from BBC Audio.
Featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara.
Read by Clare Higgins (Ohila).
Released on August 20 2015, almost a month before the said TARDIS duo would be back on television for that year’s season on September 19.
Written by James Goss.
The Winter in the story title is not a reference to the season but to that of Diana Winter, a little girl who summoned the Doctor for help due to a card that had enabled her to do so.
In fact this is the first story that relates to the Winter family.
The Doctor and Clara come to Diana’s aid which was to find her cat.
However there is more to it than finding a cat.
It also provides just half the story.
The Doctor and Clara part ways with Diana after solving the cat problem and it then jumps many adventures later and they meet with Diana again.
However Diana is now a grown woman as 40 years has passed for her.
They now faced a bigger problem with than before.
Enthralling second half of this story and how it ultimately has been about a god and lawyers!

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

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