Tim Brooke-Taylor has passed away

Tim Brooke-Taylor has passed away.
Born on July 17 1940, Brooke-Taylor appeared in the Big Finish Doctor Who episode The Zygon Who Fell To Earth playing Mims.
Brooke-Taylor was well known as one of The Goodies.
His other work included Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
He died on April 12 2020 just three months before his 80th birthday when he became an unfortunate victim of COVID-19.

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Barbara Shelley has passed away

Barbara Shelley has passed away.
Born on February 13 1932, Shelley appeared in the Doctor Who story Planet of Fire playing Sorasta.
Shelley later made her final acting appearance in The Stranger video More Than a Messiah playing Charlotte.
The Stranger series of videos was made by BBV and was made for a Doctor Who audience but was not exactly Doctor Who itself.
These videos featured Doctor Who luminaries and it was essentially Doctor Who in all but name and was made during the wilderness years between classic and NuWho.
Shelley also appeared in the Blake’s 7 episode Stardrive playing Dr Plaxton.
Elsewhere Shelley was in Quatermass and the Pit playing Barbara Judd and Eastenders playing Hester.
She had been in two episodes of The Avengers each playing different characters in Dragonsfield & From Venus with Love playing the said Venus.
Dragonsfield has been lost since its original transmission in 1961. In a sad coincidence I had read that she was in Dragonsfield when I listened to the Big Finish audio remake of it not long after she died.
Her other work includes The Invisible Man, Danger Man, The Saint, The Gorgon, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Rasputin: The Mad Monk & Man in a Suitcase.
She died on January 4 2021 just over a month before her 89th birthday as she unfortunately became a victim of COVID-19.

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John Barrowman’s interview with SMH in the lead-up to Revolution of the Daleks

John Barrowman’s interview with the Sydney Morning Herald on December 23 2020 in the lead-up to Revolution of the Daleks:

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Doctor Who: Cross Roads


Written by Aidan M. Phillips.
This is the first of twelve prose stories written to tie-in with the Turn Left rewatch.
Phillips wrote this in memory of Howard Attfield who had played Donna’s father Geoff Noble with Geoff playing a significant part of this story.
Cross Roads as a name feels like a variation of Turn Left but there is nothing that links the two narratively.
This has Donna as a young girl on her way to school where she meets the Doctor and her older self but of course does not know who they actually are.
Here they fight off a giant serpent in what is overall a heartwarming story telling Donna just how special she is.
As this story has a serpent, I coincidentally had recently finished the mini-series The Serpent, albeit about a different kind of serpent, featuring former companion actor Jenna Coleman.

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Alex Kingston hiding out in Hope Springs

Started the 2009 series Hope Springs starring Alex Kingston.
Kingston played Ellie Lagden the leader of four female ex-cons who are hiding out in the said village of Hope Springs.
Ellie uses as her fake surname Williams and Williams is the same surname of Rory Williams, River Song’s father and River is of course played by Alex Kingston.
This is somewhat prescient as the revelation of River’s parentage would not be made until A Good Man Goes To War in 2011.
The other female ex-cons includes one played by future Rosa Parks, Vinette Robinson.
Also featuring Annette Crosbie just less than a year before she appeared as Mrs Angelo in The Eleventh Hour.

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Matt Lucas in The Holiday (2006), well kind of

Saw the movie The Holiday (2006).
There is one scene in which Little Britain showing future companion Matt Lucas briefly turning up on TV.
In fact it was because of another future companion Karen Gillan that I watched The Holiday.
The Holiday featured Karen’s future Jumanji co-star Jack Black.
In an interview with the Jumanji stars including Karen and Black to promote Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), The Holiday was brought up in relation to Black’s past work and Karen said that had seen that and enjoyed it.

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Hamish Wilson has passed away

Hamish Wilson has passed away.
Born on December 13 1942, Wilson appeared in episodes 2 and 3 of the Doctor Who story The Mind Robber in which he got to play companion Jamie when usual Jamie actor Frazer Hines at the time fell ill with chicken pox.
Jamie looking like Wilson in The Mind Robber Episode 2 is explained when Jamie became a cardboard cutout but was missing his face.
The Doctor then pierce Jamie’s face but he got it wrong and hence why it became Wilson’s.
Jamie’s face gets rectified in Episode 3 when Hines was well enough to resume work as Jamie.
Wilson died on March 26 2020 when he unfortunately became a victim of the coronavirus.

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Doctor Who: He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not is a Time Lord Victorious story from Big Finish.
Featuring the Eighth Doctor.
Released in October 2020 and written by Carrie Thompson.
This also featured Brian the Ood who had previously elsewhere in Time Lord Victorious.
The Doctor comes to the planet Atharna and in the midst of Brian chasing after two fugitives.
Ultimately much of the episode takes place at a nearby town where there is a Sheriff and therefore makes this episode played out as a Western.
Enthralling entry into Time Lord Victorious and quite a trick that was played on Brian as he thought he came close in getting his quarry.
Just as things seems to be resolved with Brian this ends on a shocking cliffhanger by who appears at the end.

Matthew See
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